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Recital – Yoshi Matsubara & Asher Barreras

Posted on 06 April 2010 by Robert

Yoshi Matsubara & Asher Barreras, two seniors at UNT held a recital performance in Kenton hall at the University of North Texas April 5 2010. Senior recital performances are essentially projects that students must complete in order to get their degree. One might not expect much from a recital, but then again most don’t get the chance to see a performance by Yoshi & Asher. Yoshi is a guitarist & Asher is a bassist.

Roberto, Yoshi, Asher, Brian C, Brian G

The room was extremely hot but that was soon forgotten when the music started. Recital performances at UNT are very intimate affairs, usually with less than 50 people in the room (including the band.) However, there was a huge turnout for Yoshi & Asher, and I soon understood why. The performance consisted of 5 standards and 2 original pieces. “I Wish I Knew” was originally on the program but wasn’t played for an undisclosed reason. However, Yoshi’s original piece “Victory Dance” easily made up for it.

Yoshi and Asher

Set List:
I Wish I Knew (Not Played)
Victory Dance
Blame It On My Youth
Don’t Forget

Brian Girley – Alto Sax
Brian Clancy – Tenor Sax
Roberto Verastegui – Piano
Ryan Jacobi – Drums

Yoshi, Asher, Ryan, Brian G

I remember being most moved by “Victory Dance,” “Joya,” and “Don’t Forget.” The band had obviously rehearsed many times over a long period of time and I believe this was most obvious on these songs. Here’s a clip from the performance for your pleasure:

The piano solo in “Victory Dance” and the sax solo that followed it along the way it was obvious that Yoshi was enjoying his song being played and that he believed in what he was doing really helped make this song even more awesome. It really is a great tune. The simple fact that Asher explained that “Joya” was written because of the support of his family combined with the amazing saxophone work, compliments of Brian Clancy & Brian Girley, Roberto’s fluency at piano, and the great beat courtesy of Ryan Jacobi make a monumental song.

Too bad these songs aren’t available online or I’d purchase them right away. If you hear of either of these guys (or any of the sidemen, for that matter) hitting the big time, don’t be surprised! Definitely take the time to go see Yoshi Matsubara or Asher Barreras if you have the chance. You don’t be sorry.

Photos & Video courtesy of LuckyGeorge

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