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Charlie Parker: The Man Who Lived Too Much

Charles Parker Jr. was born August 29, 1920.┬áHe was involved with drugs & alcohol throughout his extremely short life (35 years). These vices would eventually become part of his untimely death on March 12, 1955. ┬áNevertheless, Parker has forever changed jazz and left a wonderful legacy. Parker’s passion for music was sparked while listening to Read More

Artist Profile: Edo Castro

Emotion, technical skill and passion are three things that can make or break a musician. Musicians often have two of the traits but it’s the rare three trait-bearing musician who can make it big. I’ve heard one recently; his name is Edo Castro. Edo Castro is a jazz bassist hailing from the San Francisco Bay Read More

What Is Bebop?

Before the second world war, big bands (also known as swing bands) were the “in” thing with artists such as Benny Goodman, Artie Shaw, Woody Herman being some of the more well-known leaders of the swing era. The bands usually consisted of between twelve and twenty-five musicians featuring a whole host of brass, woodwind, and Read More

The Ashley Hamer Group Does Avishai Cohen

The Ashley Hamer Group played Avishai Cohen songs at The Greenhouse April 8 in Denton, TX. Read More

Who am I?

It just occurred to me that much of the people who read my blog don’t know me as well as they know other bloggers in the jazz niche. I feel that having a tight-knit community is important in small groups such as the one I’m a part of, so I’m going to tell you a Read More

Recital – Yoshi Matsubara & Asher Barreras

Yoshi Matsubara & Asher Barreras, two seniors at UNT held a recital performance in Kenton hall at the University of North Texas April 5 2010. Senior recital performances are essentially projects that students must complete in order to get their degree. One might not expect much from a recital, but then again most don’t get Read More

Review – Paul Murphy & Larry Willis – “Foundations”

The latest album from Paul Murphy & Larry Willis may not be for you. Read More

Review – Philly Joe Jones’ “Look, Stop, & Listen”

“Look, Stop, and Listen” may very well be the best album I’ve had the privilege of listening to in a long time. Read More

Why I Love Jazz

To me, jazz is much more than the sound that vibrates your eardrums. It’s a complex style of music, it’s a culture. To me, there’s music, and then there’s jazz. When some people find out that I mainly listen to jazz, they think that it’s odd. I’ve even been told that I listen to “old Read More

10 Albums That You Must Own

Here are 10 albums that you need to listen to at some point in your life. Read More