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Charlie Parker: The Man Who Lived Too Much

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Charlie Parker: The Man Who Lived Too Much

Posted on 30 August 2010 by Robert

Charles Parker Jr. was born August 29, 1920. He was involved with drugs & alcohol throughout his extremely short life (35 years). These vices would eventually become part of his untimely death on

March 12, 1955.  Nevertheless, Parker has forever changed jazz and left a wonderful legacy.

Parker’s passion for music was sparked while listening to his father, a vaudeville singer & dancer, play the piano on his sparse visits home. Once enrolled in high school, Parker took up the saxophone in the high school band. Parker played with local bands until 1935, when he made the decision to leave school and pursue his dream — a career in music. He is known as “Bird,” and there are several theories as to why. One theory is as follows:

Parker got the nickname “Yardbird” while traveling to a “gig” with the Jay McShann Orchestra. The car he was riding in accidentally ran over a chicken and Parker insisted on taking the dead “yardbird” and fixing it up for dinner at their destination, rather than having it go to waste. — The Jazzine

Charlie Parker is one of the most distinguished jazz musicians with well over fifty records published. His music has influenced countless artists since his first recording with Savoy Records in 1944. He is credited as being one of the inventors of bebop, recording “Shaw Nuff” with Dizzy Gillespie in 1945. “Shaw Nuff” is noted as being the first important bebop recording. Several of Charlie Parker’s songs have become jazz standards, including “Confirmation,” “Anthropology” and “Billies Bounce.

Unfortunately, apart from having been an innovator, Parker is known for his drug addiction. After being involved in an automobile accident as a child, he developed an addiction to morphine. This developed into a heroine addiction in short order, which would eventually have a factor in his death. He would miss gigs, practices and other appointments which led to him being fired. Parker’s addiction was widely known and regrettably played a part in the connection between jazz music & drug use.

Examples of Parker’s Music:
“Hot House” -Bird & Diz are awarded Downbeat awards!


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Denton Jazz (8/29-9/04)

Denton Jazz (8/29-9/04)

Posted on 27 August 2010 by Robert

This is a dynamic post. It will be updated as soon as information is received!

  • Jordan Gheen (Youtube) will be playing Thursday (9/1) at J&J’s Pizza in Denton. Here is an audio clip of Gheen playing “Nuance” with UNT’s 6 O’Clock Lab Band.
  • Thursday — The Ryan Davidson Trio will be hosting a CD release party at Dan’s Silverleaf in Denton. Doors open at 9 PM and the cover is $5.
  • Local jazz authority Sarah Crisman (@sarah_crisman) is now a Grown Ass Woman and there is a tour to prove it. The Grown Ass Woman tour is kicking off on Wednesday. Here are the dates (ripped from her facebook page):

Bernard Wright at Hailey’s
122 West Mulberry, Denton
Wednesday, September 8
$5 / 7 under 21 — 11pm

The Black & Blues at the Where House
2510 Hemphill, Fort Worth
Thursday, September 9
$10 — OPEN BAR — 10pm

Shaun Martin’s Go Go Party at The Green Elephant
5627 Dyer, Dallas
Friday, September 10

The BK Pup Crew at Spike Hill — Double Birthday w/ Justin Stanton!
184/186 Bedford Avenue, Brooklyn
Wednesday, September 15
FREE — 7pm-9pm

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Artist Profile: Edo Castro

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Artist Profile: Edo Castro

Posted on 26 August 2010 by Robert

Emotion, technical skill and passion are three things that can make or break a musician. Musicians often have two of the traits but it’s the rare three trait-bearing musician who can make it big. I’ve heard one recently; his name is Edo Castro.

Edo Castro is a jazz bassist hailing from the San Francisco Bay area. He taught himself to play and later attended The American Conservatory of Music in Chicago. Castro holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in jazz studies and electric bass. Castro was exposed to many different styles of music, having grown up in the 60’s, but was infatuated with the likes of Bill Evans, Paul Desmond and other jazz greats.

Kai Horsthemke of said it perfectly when he wrote “Castro is much more concerned with mood and texture, not to mention melody, than with extroverted, chops-flashing bravado.” While Castro doesn’t shred as much as other prominent bassists, his technical prowess and emotive expressiveness remind you that there is more to bass playing (and music in general) than showing listeners your lightning-fast chops.

Castro has released three albums on Passion Star Records:
Sacred Graffiti

Castro has also played as a sideman on over 25 albums.

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This Week In Denton


This Week In Denton

Posted on 23 August 2010 by Robert

What’s happening in Jazz in Denton this week:

  • Matt Hornbeck is going to be playing guitar† alongside Pete Clagett (Trumpet), Jacob Smith (Bass) and Duran Ritz (Drums) at The Greenhouse Monday night at 10 P.M.
  • Austin talent Corinna Rachel is singing alongside “her Dreamland band of Denton cats” (Thank you, Sarah Crisman) Wednesday, 8:30 PM at J&J’s Pizza On The Square.

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